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Other Activities

My Walks you can find here on the left an also Sightseeing Tours (day tours). Here below you will find other shorter Activities, which my friend companies offer. Their guides are experienced and security conscious.

Furthermore I can rent a car for you if you want to explore the area on your own.

I will gladly book this for you too.


DSCN3493Sea Kayaking Tours

The Kayak Company offers a lot of interesting Tours both for beginners and experienced kayak driver.
Kayaking gives you the opportunity to experience the fascinating landscape of the Westfjords from a new impressive viewpoint.
Already on shorter trips you can observe sea birds and seals in their natural habitat. On the longer tours whales and dolphins are sometimes seen.

   RIB-boat View

The sightseeing safari tours from Ísafjörður town offers a magnificent view over the surrounding landscape from the sea side.  

Time for photo shooting is included.

Depending on weather conditions the route differs and will in each case be an unique adventure there you can also experience sea birds, seals, whales or dolphins.

Horse Riding and Horse Encounters

Always you get a private and personal Tour (for individuals and groups). It is an experience be on horseback enjoying the landscape and the friendly Icelandic horse.

Your Guide will have a Gopro camera mounted on his/her helmet so your tour will be documented for your pleasure.

Bildergebnis für fosshestar

Also you can visit horses there, like watch, feed or pet them.




We want and you get

Wed, 30.November 2016

Our Motto is sustainability, environmental protection, professionalism and small groups (maximum 10 people)

We are specialised on unique walks in Ísafjörður and its surroundings. Helga, our founder, is a certified guide for the Westfjords. She has developed every walk herself and wants to give you an unforgettable time in our town. Thus it is important for us to train and pay our staff well.

Our company practises soft tourism and we support environmental protection. to read more in English or auf Deutsch.

If you book a walk with us you will not only get a very unusual personal guided tour - read here what you get more in English and German

Drippy WATER

Tue, 28.June 2016

I am sorry, but it is only in German:

DRIPPY WATER ist ein Reisender, ein Vielreisender sogar, der sich auf der Welt entlang der Wasserströme bewegt – auf Flüssen von der Quelle bis ins Delta, auf dem Meer oder durch den Wasserhahn. Er macht sich auf den Weg rund um die Welt, um die Wasser-Projekte der Mitglieder zu besuchen. Begleitet ihn auf seiner Reise in die Welt des Wassers.

Im Zwei-Wochen-Rhythmus erscheinen zu jedem der eingereichten Projekte

  • eine Reisegeschichte von Drippy Water, der das Projekt des Veranstalters besucht und beschreibt
  • Ein Kurzfilm aus den Bildern des Veranstalters
  • Ein Interview mit dem Veranstalter

Zusätzlich werden wir weitere Texte und Berichte rund ums Wasser veröffentlichen, z.B. Interviews mit ExpertenInnen, Wasser-Helden wie z.B. Mojib Latif, Pressesprecher Hamburg Wasser, Gründer Viva con Agua und und und… Wir sind für Ideen und Partner offen!

Welcome to my town

Wed, 30.March 2016

Do you want to see more offers, please also look at my travel agency website Westfjords Experiences.

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We offer Guided Private Tours through the Westfjords of Iceland

We perform in English, German and Icelandic

Do you want to see more offers, please also look at my travel agency website Westfjords Experiences. 

Are you pleased about my service, please write a review.


Wir stehen für Nachhaltigkeit, Umweltschutz, Professionalität und kleine Gruppen

und sind Mitglied im

We stay for sustainability, 

environmental protection, professionalism and small groups


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