Helga Ingeborg Hausner

Iceland – a journey through time

Experience Iceland's history in Ísafjörður

In 2013 I changed my Ísafjörður Walk guided tour into an adventure walk, which involves me donning the clothes of a 19th Century fish worker and describing the lives of people in the newly-created commercial centre of Ísafjörður. In addition, I give information about the place, its history and culture, and tell tales and legends from ancient and modern times.

Through my research I gathered  a lot of information, so I decided to write an Ísafjörður guidebook. The book is ideal for independent-spirited travellers who like to "do" places on their own. You might also like to take a copy of the book home as a reminder of our small town home and use it to visit us again, in your mind's eye.

The plan is to also release the book as an audiobook (as a phone app), and for both to be available digitally.

Price: 1.500 ISK 

You can order the book as soon as it comes out in March, right here on my website.


To make a booking, please contact me. I will answer you quickly.


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3xTechnology supported with financial gift

Ómar Smári Kristinsson and Eyþór Jovinsson allowed us to use their town map of Ísafjörður.

Ljósmyndasafn Ísafjarðar, the Photo archive of Ísafjörður, provided the historical photographs.

Bought books on sale:

Harbour of Ísafjörður

Hotel Ísafjörður und Hotel Horn

Township of Ísafjörður Ísafjarðarbær

Sjúkraþjálfun Vestfarða, physiotherapy

Jón og Gunna, Boutique

Málningarbúðin Ísafirði ehf, paint store

J.O.V.-föt, Boutique

Sveitasæla ehf, Hotel Núpur and Edinborg Bistro-Café-Bar

Peð, bait production for the fishery

Massi þrif ehf, building cleaning

Rana Camble, Halldóra Magnúsdóttir, Daniela Yordanova

Businesses and services in Isafjordur who bought this advertisements:

Bílaverið ehf, Car services: tyre and oil changes, exhausts, brakes

Bílaverkstæði SB ehf, Car-services, phone:  + 354-456 3033

Bílatangi, Car services and agency f. Toyota/Suzuki, tel. + 354-456 4580

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Ísfang hf, Exporters of seafood, phone: +354-4563366

Krílið, More than just a drive through: snacks, sweets and more


Stockfish production, you are welcome to visit us, +354  456 3250

Studio Dan Fitness, Bodybuilding: daily 5:40-21, Sat 9-16, Sun 13-16

Vátryggingafélag Íslands hf.